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The "Folie de Finfarine" (bees & honey)

The "Folie de Finfarine" ("Madness of Finfarine") is a tourist site (ludic and teaching) to discover the life of the bees and the manufacturing of honey accompanied by their mascot "Bizzbee the bee".

Located at 25 km of the holiday cottage "Le Contrevent", the "Folie de Finfarine" accommodates you in a wooded and undulating space of 10 ha where nature is preserved.


The Bizzbee mascot the bee invites all the family to penetrate in the giant Hive.

Sauntering between the honey executives, one discovers the operation of the hive using models of bees:

  • the queen,
  • false-bumblebees,
  • workers.

People enter the hive with the provisions of nectar and pollen!

This interactive course plunges you in the middle of the hive!

The children disguise themselves in various trades of the bees:

  • nurse,
  • cleaning,
  • builder,
  • guardian,
  • browser...

To understand the life of the bees while playing!

Partner activity around the cottage: La Folie de Finfarin


Overhanging the Lake Finfarine, honey factory and its apiary are the 2 places to discover the animation "honey and the bees". The bee-keeper explains the life of the bees, opens a hive in full safety and collects honey.

The honey factory

Place of animations, it is also a place:

  • of observation of the bees behind a pane
  • of extraction of honey and its setting in a pot
  • of information on the products of the hive
  • of games for the children (puzzles, cards...)

that people can visit free apart from the schedules of animation.

The animation "Honey and Bees" proceeds in the presence of the presenter.

Partner activity around the cottage: La Folie de Finfarin

>The apiary and its tunnel of observation

About twenty hives are on the site of which the half is visible with the public. The hives are of Dadant type with attics with honey which are collected at ;the summer. The opening of the hive is done in full safety behind a tunnel of observation out of mosquito nets.

All the hives are installed in a radius of 30 km around the site of the "Folie de Finfarine". These is approximately 500 hives which produce the honey sold in the shop


Wooded space

On the sunny slope of the lake of Finfarine, discover a wooded space of 10 hectares wit grassy and undulating paths.

A bucolic walk for the pleasure of rediscovering nature!

In 1994, more than 3,000 trees, representative of kinds of trees of the farmland (oak, chestnut, charm, holly, wild cherry tree, ...) were planted on this slope. By the development of installations landscapes, people can admire:

  • the staged ponds,
  • the point of view on the lake,
  • the round of the oak,
  • the pastoral meadow,
  • the wet valley,
  • the labyrinth.

Partner activity around the cottage: La Folie de Finfarin


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NB: The photographs illustrating this page are published with the pleasant authorization of the "Folie de Finfarine".

Partner activity around the cottage: La Folie de Finfarin

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